Spiraling Upward – A New Journey

  Sometimes in life, things don't go as we hoped or dreamed they would. Sometimes it feels like our world is spiraling out of control or that we are stuck in a "downward spiral" where we find ourselves full of anger, rage, pain, resentment, hurt, fear, panic and so many other negative feelings and emotions... Continue Reading →

The Odd One Out

I recently discovered this note crumpled up in the bottom of my 8 year old daughter's back pack. I sat there a while holding it in my hands and fought back the tears. Did she really feel this alone every day at school? What am I doing wrong? Why doesn't anyone like to play with... Continue Reading →

Fear – Fear… Go away

  Me: "how was school today Sweetheart? Who did you play with at Recess?" My Little Girl: "No one." Me: "...oh...are you still having a hard time making friends?" My little girl: "Yeah, I am...but I just go play on the Monkey bars and challenge my body and my mind. I conquered my fear today... Continue Reading →

My Little “Lorax”

Took my 8 year old daughter to get some frozen yogurt after school yesterday. She was sitting looking out the window and took a big scoop of yumminess into her mouth and her brow furrowed and she looked incredibly depressed all of a sudden...not the face I was expecting to see after a first bite... Continue Reading →

My Little “Other”

I have the most beautiful, amazing, talented and smart little girl - with one of the biggest hearts you will ever meet. She is 7....going on 97. I have been watching her big brown eyes grow a little sadder every day for the past few weeks and my husband and I finally got her to... Continue Reading →

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