The Odd One Out

I recently discovered this note crumpled up in the bottom of my 8 year old daughter’s back pack. I sat there a while holding it in my hands and fought back the tears.

Did she really feel this alone every day at school?
What am I doing wrong?
Why doesn’t anyone like to play with my beautiful, amazing, tender hearted dreamer?

Watching your child struggle with being “The Odd One Out” is such a hard thing to deal with as a Mom. You want them to walk out onto the playground and be immediately greeted with smiles and waves and invitations to play…but instead – you watch them walk the edge of the playground, searching for someone just like themselves who might want to play with them…and then when no playmate is found…they go sit on a swing by themselves and watch all of the other children interacting.

But sometimes…they just enjoy observing the World around them and not participating. Sometimes they are just sitting, thinking and taking it all in.

Sometimes they come to the conclusions that there MUST be other “Others” just like themselves out there who are also searching for a like minded soul to share time with and sometimes….they try to find each other.

She is still searching for another “Other” that she connects with at school – but she is also spreading love and acceptance and joy in the process…and instead of beating myself up for “what am I doing wrong?” – I am going to applaud myself for “I must be doing something right.”

I can’t wait to see where her heart takes her.

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