Fear – Fear… Go away


Me: “how was school today Sweetheart? Who did you play with at Recess?”
My Little Girl: “No one.”
Me: “…oh…are you still having a hard time making friends?”
My little girl: “Yeah, I am…but I just go play on the Monkey bars and challenge my body and my mind. I conquered my fear today and Im really proud of myself. I can skip two bars on the monkey bars now and I was really afraid I would fall if I even tried! It wasnt as hard as I let myself think it was going to be!

But I did try and I DID IT! So… even if I didn’t have any friends to watch me and cheer for me when I did it..thats ok – and really Mom…friends might have been happy for me for a few minutes and then they would have run off to go play something else and forgotten all about it – but I got to be proud of myself all day. Thats what matters the most anyway. Right?”

So right.

Is she really only 8?

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